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The pride of a decade and a half of effort and gaining experience with a committed and expert team has provided us with the possibility to provide the following services, such as custom billboards, branding, making awards and urban decoration elements, in addition to printing and advertising services, with high quality and standard. To provide customers all over the country.

Branding is about making consumers feel good about supporting a company and establishing an emotional connection. Those that brand effectively create a lasting impression that helps grow advocacy and loyalty among customers for the long term and it is also another method marketing field that aims to build up a brand through elements such as color schemes, logos and values that persuade customers in a positive fashion. This is a way how to show the qualification and showing themselves to be the superior option for audiences when considering their services. Overall, branding is a critical aspect of marketing that involves creating a unique identity for a brand that sets it apart from competitors. This identity can be created through various types of branding, such as personal branding, corporate branding, product branding, and service branding.

Metal buildings are structures made from metal. They are often used as warehouses, garages, or storage units advertising billboards. Metal billboard and buildings can be made of different types of metals, including steel and aluminum. Metal buildings offer a number of advantages over traditional construction materials like wood or concrete

Overall. construction metalworking is the assembly and an abundant usage in different construction installation of steel structures, vessels, architectural engineering and structural steel work for buildings and bridges advertising billboards and types of hangers for different usage.

A statue, usually made from valuable material that is conferred or bestowed especially on the basis of merit or need. a film that has won several awards. a judgment or final decision.

Usual awards are medal, trophy, ribbon, certificate, or plaque for example. Sometimes awards are called prizes, such as the Nobel Prize.

An awards ceremony makes people feel that their work is valued. It shows approval and gratitude for each person’s good job, and it makes people aware that good work will be rewarded.

Urban element or urban symbol is one of the special elements in urban design. With the help of the art of architecture and sculpting, he uses the characteristics of shapes and volumes and conveys certain concepts to the audience. An urban element can be made with different materials (types of metal, marble, fiberglass, wood, concrete, etc.

Urban design addresses how people perceive and use their environment. People care about the look, feel, and livability of their communities, and urban design tools are a planner’s most effective tools to address this need. Urban form generally encompasses a number of physical features and non- physical characteristics including size, shape, scale, density, land uses, building types, urban block layout and distribution of green space

This is a common question in the mind of every seeker of goods and services: “Why should I choose this?!”

Relying on the two basic principles of business, “commitment, expertise” to help create environmental advertising campaigns and easy and innovative advertising, Kabul Pen is the leading environmental advertising and digital printing company in Afghanistan, and by choosing Kabul Pen as the executor of advertising projects You, faster and better to the goal: gaining more credibility, becoming a brand, and creating a positive outlook for the long term. And finally, it will make your business prosper. And you also get advertising benefits that similar companies are currently deprived of.

Benefit 1

UV Flatbed Printing

UV Flatbed printing is a family of digital printing systems that is a newer technology than other digital printers that are able to print on any surface materials, like Wood, Leather, Composite panel, Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Glass, etc.…

The feature of “surface printing” this system made a possibility to create different types of unique advertising materials that look like the picture.

Benefit 2

Textile Printing

Today, thanks to technology, fabric printing has enjoyed tremendous progress along with other printing systems in the world. Kabul Qalam is also proud to launch the digital fabric printing system for the first time in Afghanistan, and is able to print most of the non-cotton fabrics that can be used: for all kinds of clothes, scarves, bedspreads, curtains, etc. In bulk and with global quality.

Benefit 3

Modern Billboard

A very important point to pay attention to: Today, advertising methods are very widespread and it is good to know that advertising alone does not make your business successful. Rather, it is a method of advertising that gives you credit or returns your lost credit. Advertising with modern billboards in Afghanistan has been proven to be the best advertising method among others. Fortunately, Kabul Pen is the pioneer of this industry in the country.

Benefit 4

Qualified Branding

Branding; is considered a very simple way to identify a company.; by creating a unique image; It reflects its value and mission. And at the same time, it differentiates itself from competitors. And it causes more loyalty. We suggest that you don’t neglect this point and follow the advertising method on types of vehicles, stationery, and office environment, for a long-term presence in the market. Kabul Pen able with its unique capability is ready to cooperate with you in this field.

Our Featured Project

This is a gallery to show our most Important Projects

are you still looking for textile (fabric) & UV printing in AFGHNISTAN ???.

Do not waste your worthy time anymore.!

Kabul Pen luckily has launched textile (fabric) & UV flatbed Printers in large format & a high amount of quantity production for the first time inside the country.

Ghulam Rabbani Abbas, Sales Head Zulal Mowafaq Co

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Ali Mohammadi Keyan,Head of Cinamatic of Arts

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Farid Ebrahemi, Pamir Cola Co Sales Head

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Mohammad Husaini,Muslim Institution Head Marketting

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