Textile Printing

Experience the future of textile printing with KPPAC. As the pioneers in our country, we were the first to install textile printing machines. Our prints are washable and can be done in rolls or cut pieces. Stand out in the clothing industry with vibrant and durable designs. Contact us today and elevate your brand with KPPAC's textile printing service.

UV Flatbed Printing

Discover the future of printing with KPPAC's UV flatbed printing service. As the pioneers in our country, we were the first to install UV flatbed printers, allowing us to print directly onto a wide range of flat surface materials. From wood board and foam board to acrylic sheet and aluminum composite, our UV flatbed printers can bring your designs to life with unparalleled precision. But that's not all – our UV flatbed printers also offer the unique ability to print embossed and spot UV effects. Create raised patterns or text that captivate the senses, and highlight specific areas with a glossy, lustrous finish. With KPPAC, your prints will truly stand out from the crowd. Experience the limitless possibilities of UV flatbed printing. Contact KPPAC today, the pioneering company in our country that leads the way in UV flatbed printing technology.

Outdoor Advertising

Make a statement with outdoor billboard advertising from KPPAC. Our prime locations capture attention and generate positive customer feedback. Elevate your brand and boost sales with our eye-catching billboards. Contact us today for exceptional outdoor advertising solutions.


Branding is crucial for a company's identity and market impression. It involves creating a unique image that reflects values, mission, and offerings. A successful brand strategy differentiates from competitors, builds loyalty, and drives growth. Define target audience, develop a cohesive brand identity, create a compelling narrative, and deliver on promises. Monitor trends and adapt to stay relevant. Effective branding fosters loyalty, sales, and market presence. Due to this important matter. KPPAC with its professional printing machinery capacity is able to do the best branding items. Like; bus, minibus, track, office and companies stationeries with high quality printing and a long life.

We are proud to provide the services that before this we had to do outside the country with more time and money. But now, from 2020 onwards, Kabul Pen company has installed fabric printing machines that are able to print 150 square meters of fabrics, 50% of which are made of nylon material, which can be used in various cases, such as Curtains, headboards, clothes, furniture covers…
And also, for the first time, we have installed a large-sized UV flatbed printer, which is capable of printing on all kinds of hard and semi-hard materials with a size of 250 x 122 x 9 cm. Gate, alminum composite panel, acrylic shield, all kinds of wooden boards, leather, foam, stone…

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