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Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience to take some action, usually with respect to a commercial offering, such as an item for sale or service.

Advertising has been done in different types, the most usually include; Billboards, Pole Signs, Posters, wall painting, television and print advertisements, product placements, and infomercials. Advertising is a marketing activity that can help you to reach out to potential customers and encourage them to buy your products or services. An effective advertising campaign can help you: increase customer reach. build customer awareness of your business and brand. There are two major types of advertising strategies: institutional and product. The former is used to promote a brand while the latter is used to promote a product or service. The majority of advertising consumers would ask, which type of advertising would be better to take rapidly to our goal?!

There is not a specific reasonable word to respond to the above question, due to the situation of the country rule, the culture of people, and many other factors that are changing the benefits level. But in Afghanistan, Billboard and Pole Sign advertising is the best and most affordable way for advertising due to the very low cost also to the absence of powerful media. Fortunately, Kabul Pen with its modern advertising equipment is always ready to help in the field.    


A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure and a flat surface (as of a panel, wall, or fence) on which bills are posted. specifically: a large panel designed to carry outdoor advertising typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically brands use billboards to build their brands or to push for their new products.

Billboard advertising is the process of using a large-scale digital or print ad to market a company, brand, product, service, or campaign. Billboards are typically placed in high-traffic areas, such as along highways and in cities. This helps make sure that they’re seen by the highest number of drivers and pedestrians.

A Pole Sign or (Pylon signs) are basically a type of sign mounted on a pole (or poles) independent of any business or structure. They are often referred to as ‘Highway Signs’ or ‘Road Signs. ‘ Pylon signs are a great way to capture your audience’s attention because they’re easy to spot and this gravity caused to become usual to use in advertising marketing purpose too. Pole Sign (Pylon Sign) is a signage; however, they are often made in small size with easy installation everywhere than a billboard for example you are able to temporarily install on electric columns or any other looks like these places while a billboard structure is very heavy and not possible to install everywhere and also referred to by different names including road signs, highway signs, freestanding signs, pole signs, or just “signage.” No matter what you call it, a pylon sign is a great way to catch the attention of passing traffic

This is a common question in the mind of every seeker of goods and services: “Why should I choose this?!”

Relying on the two basic principles of business, “commitment, expertise” to help create environmental advertising campaigns and easy and innovative advertising, Kabul Pen is the leading environmental advertising and digital printing company in Afghanistan, and by choosing Kabul Pen as the executor of advertising projects You, faster and better to the goal: gaining more credibility, becoming a brand, and creating a positive outlook for the long term. And finally, it will make your business prosper. And you also get advertising benefits that similar companies are currently deprived of.

Benefit 1

UV Flatbed Printing

UV Flatbed printing is a family of digital printing systems that is a newer technology than other digital printers that are able to print on any surface materials, like Wood, Leather, Composite panel, Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Glass, etc.…

The feature of “surface printing” this system made a possibility to create different types of unique advertising materials that look like the picture.

Benefit 2

Textile Printing

Today, thanks to technology, fabric printing has enjoyed tremendous progress along with other printing systems in the world. Kabul Qalam is also proud to launch the digital fabric printing system for the first time in Afghanistan, and is able to print most of the non-cotton fabrics that can be used: for all kinds of clothes, scarves, bedspreads, curtains, etc. In bulk and with global quality.

Benefit 3

Modern Billboard

A very important point to pay attention to: Today, advertising methods are very widespread and it is good to know that advertising alone does not make your business successful. Rather, it is a method of advertising that gives you credit or returns your lost credit. Advertising with modern billboards in Afghanistan has been proven to be the best advertising method among others. Fortunately, Kabul Pen is the pioneer of this industry in the country.

Benefit 4

Qualified Branding

Branding; is considered a very simple way to identify a company.; by creating a unique image; It reflects its value and mission. And at the same time, it differentiates itself from competitors. And it causes more loyalty. We suggest that you don’t neglect this point and follow the advertising method on types of vehicles, stationery, and office environment, for a long-term presence in the market. Kabul Pen able with its unique capability is ready to cooperate with you in this field.

Benefit 5

Trade-off advertising place

Barter is the method of exchanging goods or services between two or more business partners, without using money, such as work for work, goods (or anything related to money, such as a credit card or check). Business owners can contribute to their business visibility and branding process without paying cash

Benefit 6

The presence of experienced consultants and experts

The experienced consultants and experts of Kabul Pen are always ready to guide you for free in line with your advertising plans, to help you make the best decision for the development and prosperity of your business among the various methods of advertising.


Benefit 7

Innovation and creativity

Advertising in its nature means to show off. Therefore, making creative advertising materials is the best method of advertising. Fortunately, by launching new machines, Kabul Pen made it possible to produce all kinds of creative advertisements in the country.

Benefit 8

Without intermediaries

Kabul Pen has made it possible for business owners and brands to buy or rent billboards directly and without intermediaries. This will eliminate additional costs and these costs can be spent on more and better advertisements and your permanence in the mind of the audience.


Years of effort and honest work, the honor of working with reputable institutions

Featured projects shows the level capability of the qualification and equipment of a company.

2 Side Overhead Billboard for Presidency Palace
Urban Element
4 Side Static Billboard Installed 84 sqm
Direct Textie Printing in Large Size & Quantity
UV Printed Composite Panel for Urban Element
UV Printed Faomboard Urban Element
UV Printed Acrilyc Shield Uniqe Calander
One Side Static Billboard for Presidency Palce

Advertising makes people aware of your company, brand and products. If there is no awareness, there is no business. And your product, no matter how limited it is, is like a treasure hidden under your feet. Advertising can educate consumers about your products and services, and this will set you apart from your competitors. Therefore, with the help of environmental advertising companies, you can create a general awareness of your brand and product.


Introducing a new product in the market

Advertising plays a significant role in introducing a new product in the market and motivates people to buy the product. Advertising has an educational and dynamic nature. It introduces customers to new products and their diverse applications.


sales increase 

Advertising facilitates the mass production of goods and increases sales volume. In other words, by spending money on advertising, you can increase sales. A salesperson’s sales efforts are also largely supplemented by advertising.



Removal of intermediaries

The purpose of advertising is to establish a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer, thereby eliminating marketing intermediaries. This increases the producer’s profit and the consumer receives the products at lower prices.


Dealing with competitors

Continuous advertising increases the competitiveness of the product with competitors. Gains more credibility with the customer. Constant presence makes the product more familiar to the customer through useful advertisements, brings more fame to the manufacturer, and increases goodwill.

In my opinion, the biggest thing in advertising is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself.

Today, advertising in all economic institutions acts like a step on a scale, so that every step of the scale of advertising is more stylish or non-standard, it leads to a decrease in sales and production to the same extent. According to research statistics, if we consider it as a percentage, (on average, sales decrease by 16% after one year and 25% after two years). 

Also, if advertising is not used in the right way at the right time and place, it will not help your brand and business visibility. Therefore, an advertising campaign needs a correct and appropriate strategy.

 In this regard, the experienced experts and consultants of Kabul Pen advertising company can help you to achieve the goal of more production and sales.

Effective and successful advertising from various means such as: paying attention to consumers’ feelings, gaining their trust by using logical reasons to justify the purchase of a product, and focused advertising in places where the product or service can be covered. At the same time, advertising is a visual art, and it has a special need to be used by advertising organizations that always have innovation and creativity in their work. If environmental advertising companies do not benefit from these features or cannot use them well, and if they do not identify the target audience of each product and service, the public information process will be disrupted.


Promotional nature

At its core, advertising is a form of communication that aims to promote a product or service and encourage purchase. In other words, advertising is focused on influencing buying habits, creating a sense of curiosity about the product or service. An environmental advertising center should pay special attention to these points.



Useful and effective advertising, in order to achieve its main goal (increasing sales of a specific product or service), must convince the wandering applicant, who has not yet chosen among similar products. and make the customer believe that this product can solve the consumer’s needs or improve his life in some way.



In general, today, advertising has become an integral part of all businesses, and targeted and strategic advertising is the turning point of a company. Every brand has a target audience or an ideal customer group that it tries to attract. The more focused your ads are on an audience group, the more effective they can be.



 Standard advertising requires compliance with its own principles. Standard advertisements show the greatness and position of an organization and in this way a sense of permanence is created among customers. And this work can only be done by reputable advertising companies.

Good News!

Those who are still looking to do things like; Fabric printing, and UV printing on large-sized surface objects had been done outside the country, because of that was not possible in the country until the last few years.

Kabul Pen has launched all of the above items in the country with the aim of contributing to the self-sufficiency of our country.

Don’t waste your time anymore!

Contact us right now and order your needs in the shortest time without spending travel expenses, with world-standard quality.

Textile Printed for Curtain
Textile Printed for Pillow Cover
UV Printed Calanders & Pens
UV Printed Note Book Cover
Ghulam Rabbani Abbas, Sales Head Zulal Mowafaq Co


Ali Mohammadi Keyan,Head of Cinamatic of Arts


Farid Ebrahemi, Pamir Cola Co Sales Head


Mohammad Husaini,Muslim Institution Head Marketting


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