You Could Find The Answers Of Your Frequent Questions About Our Feutured Services. Specially About (Textiles Printing, UV Flatbed Printing, Outdoor Advertising, Branding Of Your Company Or Products And etc… Which Belong’s To Our services Field.

Textile or fabric printing is a kind of printing that prints on without designed cloth materials in rolling & peices to use for the different porpuses such as dress, curtains, furtintures cover.

 Kabul Pen is able to print 600 sqm types of textiles per working day & retail order will take muximum tow working days.

UV flatbed printing is a digital system and new tecknology of printing that is able to print on any flat materials with high tickness. such as wooden board. stone. foamboard etc. 

The rent of billboard is by square meter and ecpecially renting start from one month and more up to the agreement.

There are Three special features have made preferable the Kabul Pen from similar companies they are deprived from, which are fabric printing, printing on smooth surface objects and modern billboards.

Yes; Due to our Textile and UV Flatbed machinery and other updated machineries. We are able to design and create fantastic decoration that you never seen yet inside Afghanistan.

Yes; Kabul Pen has a firm experienced team to design and made the structure of modern billboards, urban elements and types of sheds.

Kabul Pen has online services only for outside of Afghanistan due to banking problem in the Afghanistan.

This is a common question in the mind of every searcher of goods and services: “Why should I choose this?”
Relying on the two basic business principles of “commitment and expertise” to help create environmental advertising campaigns and easy and innovative advertising, Kabul Pen is the leading company in environmental advertising and digital printing in Afghanistan, and by choosing Kabul Pen as the project manager Your advertising, you can target faster and better: gain more credibility, become a trusted brand, and create a positive outlook in the long term. And finally, it will boost your business. And you also get advertising benefits that similar companies in the country are currently deprived of.

Benefit 1

UV Flatbed Printing

UV printing is a part of the family of digital printing systems. Of course, the difference is that compared to other digital printers, it is equipped with more facilities and newer technology, and this advantage has made it more efficient than other digital printers, and the system improves the printing field. It provides a smooth surface on all types of objects such as wood, composite, stone, tile, glass, and all kinds of objects, and you can create a unique design with this type of printing.

Benefit 2

Textile Printing

Today, thanks to the advancement of technology, textile printing along with other printing systems in the world has enjoyed tremendous progress. Kabul Pen is also proud to have launched the digital printing and sublimation system for the first time in Afghanistan, which is able to print thousands of meters of different fabrics per day for the purpose of using: flags, clothes, scarves, furniture, bedspreads, pillows, etc. Print with the global standard

Benefit 3

Modern Billboard

A very important point to pay special attention to is that nowadays advertising methods are very diverse and widespread. Therefore, it is good to know that advertising alone will not make your business successful. Rather, it is an advertising method that gives you credit or returns your lost credit and ultimately leads to your success. Advertising with modern billboards in Afghanistan has been proven to be the best advertising method among other advertising methods for some reasons. Fortunately, Kabul Pen is the pioneer of this industry in the country.

Benefit 4

Qualified Branding

Branding is considered the shortest and easiest way to introduce a company. By using a beautiful sentence and creating a unique graphic or image, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. At the same time, these features attract the attention of new people to your brand and also display a long-term mission and business strategy of your brand to the audience. We suggest that you don’t ignore this point and follow the advertising method for various types of vehicles, stationery and office environment for a long-term presence in the market. Kabul Pen is ready to cooperate with you in this field with its unique ability.

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are you still looking for textile (fabric) & UV printing in AFGHNISTAN ???.

Do not waste your worthy time anymore.!

Kabul Pen luckily has launched textile (fabric) & UV flatbed Printers in large format & a high amount of quantity production for the first time inside the country.

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