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There is no need to go abroad for fabric printing(cloth) and printing on flat materials like; wood, composite, acrylic pannels and any flat objects on a standard size of 122*244 cms

Although the fabric production and printing industry for the first time in China dates back to four centuries BC. Digital printing, although it came to the market in the late 20s of the 20th century. but after about five decades, in the late 1980s. it was able to take its current approximate form. 

Unfortunately, in Afghanistan, until just 4 years ago, all fabric printing requirements and UV Printing on Flat materials were done outside of Afghanistan. In the middle of 2019, fortunately, Kabul Pen advertising company continued its innovations in addition to their construction and installation of modern billboards and digital printing for the first time in Afghanistan and has launched that with the launch of these machineries, most of the custom prints that were ordered outside of Afghanistan are now printed in this center with quality and international standards on the quantity of 800 sqm per day—More Info.

Our Special Services

Service 1

Renting & making modern billboards & Pol Sign throughout the country

Service 2

Printing & selling types of textiles as your selection design were not possible to do inside Afghanistan before.

Service 3

Printing on composite, ceramic, wood board, and any flat materials that were not possible to print before inside Afghanistan

Service 4

Due to our updated machinery, we are able to make unique urban elements & any other modern inside & outside decoration.

Kabul Pen Printing & Advertising Company, abbreviated as “KPPAC” is a non-governmental private company that started its activity in the capital of Afghanistan “Kabul” in April 2010 with the efforts of the Mohseni brothers with very little funds, with the aim of working in the field of printing and advertising.  Now KPPAC is the only company that installed Textile and UV Flatbed machinery & able to print types of fabrics & any kind of flat materials, like wooden board, composite pannel, plastic films, ceramic tiles any surface materials in large sizes and high amounts for the first time inside the country.

By choosing us, you will achieve the following benefits that similar companies in Afghanistan deprived of them.  

You are on the right path!

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