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The target or purpose of the seemingly simple word. But it determines the fate of people from the carpet to the throne. It can be imagined that if humans did not have a purpose in their lives like other animals, what conditions would humans live in now? In general, and without exception, it can be said that all successful and unsuccessful businesses have a “goal”. But the most important factors that lead to the achievement or failure of a goal are the type of goal, the way of implementation, the choice of timing and its platform. If we want to express it more simply and with an example, we can say that behind a successful business, a strategic goal, planned and compatible with the characteristics of the same business has been hidden from the beginning, and this work over time It has led to the prosperity and development of that profession.

For example, large companies in the world in various industrial and service sectors that have achieved significant success have had a strong and strategic goal and have not reduced the quality of their services since the beginning of their establishment. Rather, they have improved their products and services and increased their commitments to their customers every day, and this has increased the trust of their customers and finally become the most successful business and brand in the world.

However, those jobs that lead to failure without any success in the middle or after a period of success are not exempt from the following two conditions. First: either they didn’t have strategic goals in the beginning or other factors such as the lack of competitors in that profession or such factors cause short-term prosperity, but as soon as competitors with strategic plans and goals enter that field, they stop. Second: In the beginning, it had a strategic goal, but in the middle of it, the strategic goal was removed from the top of the plans of that business, and they drew a work plan for themselves every day, and finally, it led to their failure.

Kabul Pen Printing & Advertising Company since established has focused its goals with a long-term plan and strategy based on several basic principles of business, the most important of which are:

• Becoming a reliable national and international company

• Moral obligation to perform assigned duties

• Special attention to quality, creativity and innovation

• The most efficient and useful for society

• Setting the groundwork for the training of specialists with modern technology

• Creating jobs for applicants

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