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Winter 2011 Dawakhana Square

Kabul Pen advertising company is a non-governmental private company that was established in April 2010 with the efforts of the Mohseni brothers with a very small fund of only 800 US dollars, which only included a set of basic office supplies, in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. He started working in the field of printing and advertising.

Even though we had the most minor fund and facilities in this area, our passion for the field of cultural and artistic work and a tireless team of committed, and expert’s team soon established its place not only in this market but also became a creative and leading company in various sectors of printing and advertising, including the first manufacturer and installer of modern billboards, electric routable billboard (tele-drive billboards), installation, etc. Launching textile printing machines and installing a flat willow printing machine on hard and semi-rigid objects of large-scale surfaces of the (UV Flatbed Printer) for the first time in Afghanistan.

Now that this company is reaching its 14th anniversary, it is still the only company in Afghanistan that can produce 300 square meters of non-cotton fabrics for clothes, scarves, curtains, headboards, pillows… to print. And it is also the only company that installed (a UV Flatbed Printer ) a kind of printer for printing on large size of surfaces materials such as Aluminum composite panels ، Wood، Glass، Ceramic، Stone، Plastic and all kinds of objects with a maximum thickness of 8.5 cm and with a width of 122 * 244 cm can be printed in this center.

And we are proud that despite the challenges, negative competition, and sometimes deliberate and sometimes natural dams that are a common thing in most underdeveloped countries, it could not stop us and we were able to overcome them with pride throughout our many years of activity and still moving ahead.

4 Side Static Billboard 84 sqm Kabul Airport Highway
UV Flatbed Printer Model 2018
Direct Textie Machine Model 2018
Static Billboard Installation

What I can summarize as a result of our 14 years of activity is that we are very happy and proud, that we were able to create the above innovations, we have launched many orders for textile printing and printing surface materials in Afghanistan and provide services throughout Afghanistan.

The outcoming of these innovations creates jobs for several young people, and on the other hand, it has saved the cost and time, and money of such goods, which were previously ordered in foreign countries such as Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, or even sometimes China, and sometimes in some cases, the delay of projects due to excessive delay caused the cancellation of orders that the owners of the projects suffered a lot of aggression.

 And also, in the field of billboard modernization, we created positive competition in the billboard market by installing modern billboards and now after eleven years after installing our first modern billboard, most of the companies have copied and made their billboards in a new and modern style by sampling it.

However, every business, from the mobile booth on the side of the road to the world’s largest companies like Alibaba, has a point of view hidden behind them, according to the size and scope of that business. And, naturally has a point of view, and what makes a point of view bold and unique is the way it is attached to that business, which leads to the direction and acceleration of that business towards development and progress. The group working in Kabul Pan advertising company is our point of view, since the establishment of this company, in addition to securing our economic interests, focus on several features: the cultural and artistic work, the usefulness for the society, A basis for training professional staff for the labor market, new job generator for a job seeker and not getting out of the type of work is focused due to the rapid progress of science and technology that we always see the disappearance of many jobs.


The goal or target of a seemingly small word consisting of only three letters determines the fate of human beings, and in general, it can be said that without exception, all successful and unsuccessful businesses have a “goal”, but the success and failure of the goal,  depending on its type and how it is used, and has an irrefrangible communication with each other. If we want to express it more simply and with an example, we can say that without a doubt, behind a successful business, there was hidden a strategic goal, planned and compatible with the characteristics of the same business from the beginning, and this work has led to the prosperity and progress of that profession over time.

For example, the big companies of the world in various industrial and service sectors that have achieved significant success have had a strong and strategic goal, and since the beginning of their establishment until now, not only do they not reduce the quality of their services or products, but also improve their services or products and increase their commitments to their customers every day, and this will increase the trust of customers and eventually become a successful business.

However, those businesses that fail without any success, in the middle of the way or after a period of success lead to failure, are not out of two bellow conditions; first: Either they did not have any strategic goals in the beginning or some other factors such as the lack of competitors in that profession or other such factors cause prosperity, and temporarily taking over that business has been successful. Second: it would have a strategic goal in the beginning, but in the middle, that strategic goal was left out of the top of the plans of that business, and they drew a work plan for themselves every day, and ultimately it led to the failure of the business.

Kabul Pen Advertising Company has been born with this vital purpose and its strategy and goal are based on several basic principles:

  • Become a reputable national and international company.
  • A moral obligation in performing the assigned tasks
  • Special attention to quality and innovation
  • Good efficiency and usefulness for society
  • Preparing the grounds for the training of professional people
  • Generate jobs for job seekers

It is a common question in the mind of every seeker of goods and services: “Why should I choose this?!”

Kabul Pen, relying on the two basic principles of business, “commitment, expertise” to help create an environmental advertising campaign and easy and innovative advertising, is the leading environmental advertising and digital printing company in Afghanistan, and by choosing Kabul Pen, you will bring prosperity to businesses. And you will return your business and get the benefits that similar companies are deprived of.

Benefit 1

UV Flatbed Printing

UV Flatbed printing is the family of digital printing system that is newer technology than others digital printer that is able to print on any surface materials, like: Wood, Leather, Composite panel, Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Glass etc.…

Benefit 2

Textile Printing

Today, thanks to technology, fabric printing has enjoyed tremendous progress along with other printing systems in the world. Kabul Qalam is also proud to launch the digital fabric printing system for the first time in Afghanistan, and is able to print most of the non-cotton fabrics that can be used: for all kinds of clothes, scarves, bedspreads, curtains, etc. In bulk and with global quality.

Benefit 3

Modern Billboard

A very important point to pay attention to: Today, advertising methods are very widespread and it is good to know that advertising alone does not make your business successful. Rather, it is a method of advertising that gives you credit or returns your lost credit. Advertising with modern billboards in Afghanistan has been proven to be the best advertising method among others. Fortunately, Kabul Pen is the pioneer of this industry in the country.

Benefit 4

Qualified Branding

Branding; is considered a very simple way to identify a company.; by creating a unique image; It reflects its value and mission. And at the same time, it differentiates itself from competitors. And it causes more loyalty. We suggest that you don’t neglect this point and follow the advertising method on types of vehicles, stationery, and office environment, for a long-term presence in the market. Kabul Pen able with its unique capability is ready to cooperate with you in this field.

 Seven years ago, when I was appointed as the administrative finance vice president of Kateb University, the first steps I took to make growth and improve the quality level of financial management of this university was to separate and screen the companies and institutions cooperating with this university. Why so; It is the guarantor of the continuity, development and expansion of any collective and group work organization. Therefore, whatever a committed, expert, responsive and up-to-date collection is, we will achieve a better result.

Considering this point; Among the companies cooperating with this institution, we found Kabul Pen Company, which has been cooperating with this university for many years even before me, as the best choice for continuing our cooperation in the printing and advertising sector, and now that nearly seven years have passed since then, our cooperation not only continues rather, it has become wider.

Zia Shafaee

Financial Vice President of Kateb University

Kateb University is a Priviate University in Kabul Afghanistan with 300 staffs and with approximatly 6000 students in tow branches and was established in 2005 by Ibrahim Qasemi and Aqil Ilyasi.

Proffessor Zia Shafaee Financial Vice President of Kateb University

Good News!

Those who are still looking to do things like; Fabric printing, and UV printing on large-sized surface objects had been done outside the country, because of that was not possible in the country until the last few years.

Kabul Pen has launched all of the above items in the country with the aim of contributing to the self-sufficiency of our country.

Don’t waste your time anymore!

Contact us right now and order your needs in the shortest time without spending travel expenses, with world-standard quality.

Textile Printed for Curtain
Textile Printed for Pillow Cover
UV Printed Calanders & Pens
UV Printed Note Book Cover

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