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Printing is a process for mass reproduction of text and images, using its original form or format, and is one of the most widely used industries, which is present in most of the materials we consume daily. Early printing According to the documents and documents obtained from ancient excavations, the printing industry has a history of several thousand years and has evolved over time, and what we know as printing today may not last more than a few decades. The first non-paper prints related to printing: Cyrus’s seal and cylinder became popular in ancient Iran around seven centuries before Christ, and after that, the cylinder printing system was first invented in Europe by the German Johannes Gutenberg in the sixteenth century. This period can be called the “revolution” of the printing industry due to the semi-mechanization of the printing process. It is a huge industry that has been used on any type of product. This is a completely separate industry including; Offset lithography, flexography, digital printing, large format, screen printing, 3D printing and (UV FLATBED).

Undoubtedly; The industrial revolution changed everything and the printing industry diversified and developed more than anything else due to its wide use. The new printing technology has created wonderful features that are unimaginable in some cases. Especially 3D printing, which is even used in the simulation of human body parts, or UV Flatbed and other digital printing, which have emerged in recent decades and have facilitated the field of printing, which before it was not possible to print it, also thanks to the new technology, the speed of the printing process increased incredibly and the production cost significantly.

Although “UV Flatbed” printing technology in the world is less than four decades old. But in Afghanistan, KPPAC is the first and only company that imported and launched this technology in late 2019. Now it is the only company that provides this type of service throughout the country. Due to being equipped with a lifting system, you can print on flat objects such as composite panels, plastic, wood, stone, glass, tile, paper, cardboard, and all kinds of board materials such as standard boards. For example, if you want to brand consumable items such as laptop backs, mobile phones, notebooks, key chains, and other daily office supplies of your company, the ” UV Flatbed ” printing system is the best option for doing such tasks due to its extraordinary capabilities. is. If you don’t have the experience of this printing system yet, do it today. Be sure that you will be surprised by the capabilities of this type of printing!

Although fabric printing has a long history in world history. But in Afghanistan, according to the available documents and evidence, it does not have much history. There is no document that indicates that fabric printing existed in the country before 2019. Fortunately, Kabul Pen Printing and Advertising Company strives for the self-sufficiency of our country and is the first company that import and launch new textile printing technology machines in Afghanistan. Currently, these machines are capable of producing thousands of meters of different types of fabric daily for use in clothes, scarves, curtains, furniture covers, etc. in standard sizes with two methods sublimation printing and direct printing.

Kabul Pen is proud to be the first and only company to provide fabric (clothes) printing within the country to applicants who previously had to do it abroad, saving money on the one hand. and time, and on the other hand, it leads to the prevention of currency from the country.

A banner stand is a light and portable advertising device for displaying text, photos, or graphics, which is usually printed on flex banner materials, PVC film, or fabric, and its supporting frame is usually made of aluminum or resistant plastic materials so that it has the ability to be folded and is mostly used for the purpose of use in places that usually need to be moved continuously. Although every device and tool that is made has its own advantages and disadvantages, and what distinguishes a device, the efficiency of that device should be considered in its value. The banner stand has become an attractive and popular tool among advertising tools due to its several features: high efficiency compared to its price, lightness and portability, and enough space for desirable designs for any type of advertising. Despite the mentioned advantages, you can expose your company or brand to the public by creating beautiful and creative designs in exhibitions and other places with the lowest cost and in this way create more recognition and credibility for your business among people. Finally, you will achieve an increase in production and sales. Don’t neglect to act today, fortunately, Kabul Pen can provide you with the latest stand printing systems with the various machines it has.

Flex banner is a type of PVC material that is mostly made of petroleum compounds and is considered as one of the new materials for printing and is usually used in the digital printing industry, since it is very durable, light and affordable, it is one of the It has become the most widely used printing material. It can be said that today, in most cases of advertising, especially outdoor advertising, due to its water resistance and resistance to cold and heat, flex banners are used, which can be printed on very large dimensions with a digital printing system. The most common use of flex can be for billboards, bridge signs, street banners, and other roadside signs and shop fronts. In general, you can solve your paper printing needs with flex banner, while paper can never replace flex banner.

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