Viewpoint or perspective: a characteristic that distinguishes the creature called human from other living beings. Can you imagine what would be the difference between humans and other animals if they had no vision? Human beings inherently have a perspective on their life and future with their wisdom and knowledge. However, things such as geography, culture, society around people, and family have been the constituents of human consciousness in many cases. For example, in a dynamic and growing society, most people’s views are focused on inventing something new; while in a backward society, the view of most people is focused on stealing, forcing, and doing wrong things.

 According to the circumstances of any business, from the mobile booth on the side of the road to the world’s largest companies like Alibaba, naturally, according to the size and scope of that business, they have a vision hidden behind them. What makes a point of view special and unique is the way it is linked with that work and business, which leads to its direction and acceleration towards development and progress. In Kabul Penn, the view of the team that has been working since the establishment of this company, in addition to providing economic benefits, due to the rapid progress of science and technology, we always see the loss of many jobs. It focuses on several other features such as cultural and artistic work, being useful for society, the field of training new printing technology for interested young people, creating new jobs for job seekers, and ease of access for people applying for jobs that have not been possible to do in the country so far. Be

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